Terms and conditions of the Luefty GmbH portal

The signatories of this agreement are not obliged to use the Luefty platform. The agreement is only intended to cover the understandings between Users and Luefty when using the platform.

"Luefty" and Luefty GmbH, Tuchlauben 7, Vienna 1010 Austria, refers to Luefty.com, Luefty Services LLC and the Luefty portal and related websites.

'Luefty' constitutes an information platform that supports tourist auctions and other services in which the signatory of this agreement is called 'User', which is a person or company authorized to participate in Luefty subject to proper and honest use and compliance of the Luefty processes standards published and periodically edited by Luefty.

When Users register and join the Portal, the information that Users provide must be accurate and up to date.

Luefty may require additional information to facilitate informational auctions, payment and billing methods, security, quality, or reference materials.

Luefty adheres to; https://gdpr-info.eu/ and guarantees that user data, auction or bid history will never be shared with third parties without the explicit permission of the user.

Users are responsible for using the Luefty portal in a professional and responsible manner and Luefty reserves the right to remove users from the platform at its sole discretion.

The user understands that once his offer has been accepted, he is solely responsible for all business and operations with the traveler or the company that accepted the user's offer, including changes, errors, or delays. The offer of the users must include the value added tax (ITBIS).

Luefty has no responsibility or involvement in the actual transaction of the service.

The user will be paid half of the amount of their offer without any deduction before the service and the other half within 3 days after the service. If the customer is a no-show the provider will retain the ½ payment already received but will forfeit the other half.

If the provider is a no-show, the provider must credit or refund the half that was paid in advance. A provider may be removed from using the platform for no-show or complaints.

Suppliers will need to share their bank information for payment transfers. Suppliers are not charged for the use of the platform.

When the auction that a supplier wins is from an Agency, the parties receive an email introducing each other and the User resolves his payment directly with the agency as he has normally done.

Auctioneers are charged 5% only for the auctions for which they have accepted bids. Luefty will establish payment methods and electronic invoicing with the auctioneers (This paragraph only applies to Agencies, not to suppliers).

Luefty is not responsible for any abuse or wrongdoing on the Luefty Portal and in any event, Luefty's maximum liability is the fee charged for the auction.

System abuse by entering misleading or false data, offers or information, could result in legal action, penalties, and exclusion from the Luefty platform.

The user has read the general description of Luefty and agrees with the information it contains. If any part of this agreement is held invalid, all other parts will remain valid.

Luefty reserves the right to change any terms of the agreement and user should check on the platform for any such changes.

Luefty reserves the right to pursue legal infractions in the country of the User's registered company or in the country of operation.