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How Luefty Works?

Agencies enter their bookings into the Auction form and Suppliers Bid. When the Agency Accepts a Bid the Supplier and Agency are sent emails with price, contact and booking details. At that point Luefty services are completed for that transaction.

Suppier and Agency privacy are protected in the public auction but Agencies can pre configure their favorite trusted Suppliers who then have a heart showing next to their bids.

Introductory fee only guaranteed for 1 year for Dominican Republic based Agencies and Suppliers who register AND actively participate in Auctions before April 30, 2020.

During Introductory period Luefty charges only the Agency a 5% fee of the Bid.

Example: If bid is $50 then fee paid to Luefty by Agency is (5%)$2.50.

Luefty will issue a monthly invoice payable within 7 days until automated payment systems are integrated.

Luefty is not responsible for Agency/Provider communications, operational or financial or liability issues.

Luefty is meant to be used as a free unified market pricing mechanism.

Luefty is a unified market auction and information platform.

The use of the Luefty platform is subject to Luefty Terms and Conditions

When you confirm your email you will have full access to Luefty as Agency (Auctioneer) and as Provider (Bidder).
To set up a tutorial session please email