Luefty Overview

Luefty is an auction platform for tourism services where all Members meet and negotiate prices in the auction virtual open common marketplace. The opportunity to
increase business in an open common market is endless as is the opportunity to meet new suppliers and select the day’s best prices. Auctions and open markets are by far the best business generators for all goods and services. Luefty has brought these advantages to the tourism sector.

How does Luefty work

As a Luefty Registered Member you have the right to use the Luefty Common Market Auction Platform. This Right entitles you to post auctions as well as to bid on auctions posted by others. Posting an Auction entails entering booking data. Bidding on an Auction entails entering the Bid.

Bids in Luefty are capped at the Starting Bid value, you can only bid less within the category of the Auction. When an Auction is posted or changed or a new Bid is made, Members receive notifications. Detailed platform rules are posted in the platform.

Operational details such as changes, or service issues are handled between the Auctioneer and the Bidder/Supplier. Luefty does not have any responsibility other than those related to the Luefty platform.

Your personal and company information in the Auctions is anonymous and will never be shared with anyone unless a Bid is Accepted. Only when a Bid is Accepted the party posting the Auction and the party that has won their Bid receive emails with contact details about each other. The parties then conclude their business and operational details.

Quality Ratings

Auctioneers can configure companies listed in the Luefty Members directory with ratings. A green flag should be reserved for the most trusted companies and a blue flag for companies the Auctioneer knows have a good reputation. The flag colour is automatically shown in the auctions to help the Auctioneer recognize quality bids.