About us

Luefty GmbH is an international company based in Vienna Austria and New York City. Our offices at Tuchlauben 8, Vienna, 1010 and were built in the mid eighteenth century. The building and our locations reflect the values of Luefty; Solid no nonsense quality and service + the cost and service efficiencies of the digital age.

Luefty is trusted and supported by the Austrian government grant and guarantee programs as well as private equity investors. Our board consists of experts from banking, travel, and hotel industries.

Our team has been working together for 20 + years. We are diverse, from the tech industry, tourism, restaurant, and hotel industries.

We are a group of entrepreneurs who recognize the need for a fully digitized travel experience that brings the local suppliers, often family operations, directly to the international tourist and traveller.

We are building a Fair-Trade Tourism service that lets local suppliers set their own prices and work schedules. We believe in local suppliers over impersonal mega suppliers because service is closer to the heart when it is your business.

Our technical platform posts bookings directly to our free-market auctions platform – without intermediaries, without agencies. Our direct sales philosophy combined with the auctions results in remarkably lower prices for the traveller while letting suppliers earn more by filling idle, empty legs and operating more efficiently.

Luefty connects the traveller to the supplier via the auction platform – a win-win situation for all parties.